Toyota Reports Results for April-September Period image

Today, November 5th, Toyota reported results for the April-September period.

During the first half of the fiscal year net revenues totaled 10.9 trillion yen, up 36.1% compared with the same period last fiscal year. Operating income reached 693.7 billion yen, an increase of 726.3 billion yen, and income before taxes was 794.5 billion yen. Net income saw an increase from 81.5 billion yen to 548.2 billion yen.

“For the first six months of this financial year, we have seen a significant increase in production in all regions compared to the same period last year when we suffered parts-supply shortages due to the Great East Japan Earthquake,” said TMC Executive Vice President Satoshi Ozawa.

In Japan Toyota sold 1.192 million units, with 395 thousand units more than the same period last fiscal year and operating income reached 250.8 billion yen. In North America the automaker sold 1.261 million units, an increase of 572 thousand units and operating income reached 182.6 billion yen. In Europe Toyota sold 412 thousand units, an increase of 51 thousand units and operating profit reached 12.0 billion yen. In Asia there were 840 thousand units sold, an increase of 225 thousand units and operating profit reached 194.5 billion yen.