Toyota RND Concept is a joke image

The recently teased RND Concept by Toyota is nothing more than a simple joke pulled by the company’s UK division.

It’s not even the 1st of April yet and carmakers are sticking to jokes, as Toyota announced recently. According to the Japanese based automaker, the recently teased RND Concept is nothing more than a simple joke, which has been pulled by the United Kingdom division, so if you were expecting probably a preview of the Supra replacement or something similar, you will probably be disappointed in it.

According to the car manufacturer, the upcoming Toyota RND Concept is part of the Red Nose Day activities, which are being organized by UK charity Comic Relief each year, in order to raise money for a good cause.

“Please forgive us the unique sense of humour of our British colleagues. RND concept is a bogus concept model meant to raise awareness of the British charity initiative Red Nose Day”, said Toyota Europe to Autovisie in a statement.

According to our source, the red nose, which is car-sized, is available on Toyota UK’s eBay store for just 5 pounds and you can also get it from the Toyota’s UK dealers, in February and March. Proceeds will benefit the organizing charity. The Red Nose Day of this year has been set for the 13th of March and it culminates in a TV special on BBC. The “concept” will be unveiled next week and it will be part of the Red Nose Day.