Toyota says recall won’t affect Australian customers image

Toyota Australia says faults with some of its cars will not affect Australian customers, despite the parent company recalling more than eight million vehicles in the United States and Europe.

Around the world, more than eight million Corollas and Camrys were recalled because the accelerator pedal was either sticky or getting trapped by the floor mat.
Now Toyota is considering recalling the Prius models in Japan and America because of a problem with the brakes.

Toyota Australia says their parts come from different component suppliers to those used by the countries which are recalling their cars.

But experts say the recall may have put a dent in Toyota’s reputation as a safe and reliable brand.
Toyota Motors says the recall is expected to cost $US2 billion. New car sales in the US, Japan and Europe are also likely to drop at a time when the global car market is already shaky.
Ged Bulmer, editor of Wheels Magazine Australia, says the effects of the recall are reverberating around the world.

He says it is a big recall that will ultimately hurt Toyota’s long-cultivated reputation for quality assurance and reliability.

“When they think of Toyota they think of reliability and they think of a vehicle that may not be necessarily all that sexy, but it’s going to be reliable,” he said.

From:ABC Online