Toyota shifts more jobs in the US image

Besides the announced headquarter move from California to Texas, Toyota has also started consolidating other departments, with job shifts to new locations.

Besides the US headquarters move from Torrance, California, to the Dallas, Texas suburb of Plano, Toyota has also decided to bring 250 salaried employees from Kentucky to its Ann Arbor technical center.

The 250 purchasing jobs moving from Erlanger, Kentucky, near Cincinnati will be met by the 1,150 people already working at the Toyota Technical Center campus in York Township south of Ann Arbor.

“Obviously engineering has to be (in Ann Arbor),” said Jim Lentz, Toyota North American CEO. “From a sales and marketing standpoint, I’m not sure if I want to be in the backyard of the Big Three.”

“I heard not a word, not a hint from the people we work with all the time out there,” said Erlanger Mayor Tom Rouse. “We’ll survive, but I’m more concerned about the local people who work for Toyota. It’s really tough.”

Besides the 250 jobs moving to Ann Arbor, the Cincinnati area actually lost a total of 1,600 Toyota manufacturing and engineering jobs, as the remainder of the people are scheduled to move to the new Plano headquarters or to Toyota’s manufacturing complex in Georgetown, Kentucky.