The Japanese based automaker Toyota has officially introduced the new Sienta minivan for its local auto market, which is currently available for order.

The newest model to be unveiled by Toyota is called the Sienta and this has been launched recently in Japan. The vehicle has a common design for its class but its two-tone paintjob is telling us that this is aimed towards the company’s homeland.

“Good for school runs, but not much else. Minivans have long been considered the domain of a certain type of user. Now, Toyota is set to flip this perennial suburban script with the all-new, reimagined Toyota Sienta. The model has been redesigned from the ground up as an affordable option for those that need to ferry the kids and their friends around after school but also want to haul their mountain bike or camping gear to the woods on the weekends”, as the carmaker explains.

The new Toyota Sienta has a 3.3 meter sliding door providing easier access on the rear seats. The vehicle has been equipped with a 3-row seating and with a driver oriented cockpit, with round controls for the climate system and with a touch screen display on the center console. Power is being provided by a standard and a hybrid assembly, with the first one being offered in two versions, with 103 HP (76 kW) and all-wheel drive system or with 109 HP (80 kW) and front-wheel drive, while the other one getting a 74 HP (54 kW) petrol burner backed up by an electric motor. The total output produced stands at 100 HP (73 kW). No pricing details have been announced so far.


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