The Japanese based automaker Toyota has recently announced its plans to introduce the Smart Insect Concept at the CEATEC Japan.

According to the car manufacturer, the Toyota Smart Insect Concept has been described as the “next generation communications linked concept” and this is actually a single seat electric vehicle which is coming with some technology from the future like the behavior prediction, the voice recognition or motion sensors systems. Toyota says that when a person will approach the Smart Insect Concept, the model will run a facial recognition software to authenticate them and if it determines that you are the owner it will flash its lights and say “Hello”.

“The Smart INSECT is an ultra-compact, single-passenger electric vehicle (EV) based on the “COMS” EV produced by TMC subsidiary Toyota Auto Body Co., Ltd. It is equipped with technologies such as motion sensors, voice recognition and behavior prediction, required for next-generation communications-linked services. The Smart INSECT, which connects with its driver and his or her home via the cloud-based Toyota Smart Center, embodies the concept of services that communicate with users to support the convenient, comfortable use of cars in their daily lives”, as the carmaker is saying in its official press release.

When you will step inside the Toyota Smart Insect Concept, a virtual agent will communicate with you and it will predict your intentions like starting the radio stations or getting indications to various locations. The Toyota Smart Insect Concept might be the future of motoring but unfortunately the company didn’t release any more details on it for the moment.


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