The Japanese automaker has climbed to the No. 1 world sales spot after years of building its reputation for reliability and there are instances when it’s really not marketing hype.

For example we can bring to your attention this 2007 Tundra which has been honored by the Japanese automaker in a small ceremony. To call it a short story, a inconspicuous Toyota customer, named Victor Sheppard, gave a call to the carmaker to tell them his Tundra just covered more than one million miles (1,609,000 kilometers) without actually having major issues. We are suspecting even Toyota was surprised and well pleased to hear that – after all they don’t build cars today like in the 1980s – and wanted to celebrate the achievement by awarding the man a brand new 2016 Tacoma. In return, they asked for the old Tundra, deciding to tear it apart piece by piece to see how they all withstood the test of time.

Milliona Mile Tundra

“Most people can’t believe how much on his truck is original,” commented Ron Weimer, general manager of Greg Leblanc Toyota where the customer serviced the vehicle. “Victor has been loyal to his maintenance and kept it up.” His 117 dealership service visits over nine years have included timing belt replacements, oil changes, and the manufacturer’s regularly scheduled check-ups. By the way, the driver clocked in an average of 125,000 miles (201,168 km) a year on the odometer, due to long-haul trips from his home in North Dakota, Wyoming, and Virginia for his job.


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