Toyota Sold 1M Hybrids in 10 Months image

Toyota Motor Corporation has sold more than 1 million hybrids so far this year, a clear sign that more customers turn to this technology.

At the end of October, Lexus and Toyota have sold 1, 028,900 hybrid vehicles globally, an impressive increase from the 630,000 units sold in the same period last year. This made Toyota the most popular maker of hybrid vehicles in the entire world, compared with Honda which sold 1 million hybrids since 1999 when it introduced the first hybrid model.

From the total of one million hybrids sold so far, 259,700 were smaller Prius C city cars, 316,600 were regular Prius hatches, 159,700 represent the Prius V people-mover, 81,800 Camry Hybrids, 102,500 Lexus hybrids and 21,600 Prius Plug-In Hybrids. It took 14 years for Toyota to sell 3.5 million hybrids, and the fact that it managed to sell 1 million units over the past 10 months, means that by 2016 it will sell its 10 millionth hybrid vehicle. Japan accounted for 56.7% of these sales, while Australia less than 1%.

“Buyers of passenger cars in Australia are showing a greater move towards hybrids with sales up 50 per cent this year compared with growth of just 4.4 per cent for diesels. In fact, the number of private buyers opting for diesel passenger cars has actually fallen this year while sales of hybrid passenger cars have doubled among private buyers,” said the company.