Toyota starts Camry Hybrid Production in Taiwan image

Japan’s largest automaker, Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), said on Thursday its production affiliate in Taiwan, Kuozui Motors, Ltd. (Kuozui) marked the start of production and sales of the Camry Hybrid in Taiwan.

Production of the Camry Hybrid at Kuozui’s Kuanying Plant in Taiwan’s Taoyuan County began on February 15, making the plant Toyota’s seventh hybrid-vehicle production site outside Japan. Initial annual production is set at approximately 7,000 vehicles, to be the exclusive supply of the domestic market.

Sales of the vehicle, ranging in price from 1,069,000 to 1,399,000 Taiwan dollars, began today.
Toyota’s revised outlook means the company’s recovery from the Japanese earthquake and tsunami and Taiwan floods has come earlier than anticipated, but it still missed analyst expectations.

Meanwhile, on February 3, Toyota said it expects 21 percent increase in worldwide sales to 9.58 million units for calendar year 2012, with anticipated double-digit growth in both domestic and overseas markets as it recovers from supply chain disruptions following the earthquake and floods.

At the end of 2011, global cumulative sales of TMC-produced hybrid vehicles reached approximately 3.6 million units.