Toyota starts SUV output in Egypt image

Toyota Motor Corporation Monday announced that together with Arab American Vehicle Co. (AAV) – an assembly subcontractor has begun producing Fortuner SUVs in Egypt.

The Japanese automaker plans to produce approximately 3,000 Fortuner SUVs a year, with TMEE (Toyota Motor Engineering Egypt S.A.E) managing various aspects of the operation, including vehicle quality control, supply and demand management, and logistics management.

Toyota expects that sales of its low-cost multipurpose vehicles in emerging markets to hit a million units as soon as this year, according to company documents released on Friday.
That would beat the record of 810,000 vehicles set in 2010, and represent 10% of the Japanese auto maker’s global sales forecast of 9.58 million vehicles this year.

Toyota began selling imported Toyota vehicles in Egypt through Toyota Egypt in 1979. Toyota sold approximately 10,000 vehicles in the country last year.