Beginning with late February in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, Toyota – a leading automaker in the alternative powered vehicles segment, will begin verification testing for a new wireless battery charging system.

The newly developed system is of course destined to all vehicles with an electric powertrain, like plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles and it can be used when the said car is parked, positioned over a coil on the surface of the ground.

The system uses magnetic-resonance technology, which carries electricity via magnetic resonance resulting from changes in magnetic field intensity between a coil on the ground and another on the vehicle.

With the ultimate goal of beginning commercialization, the system was developed to promote environment-friendly mobility, as the use of electrified vehicles would become simpler – by making the charging process more convenient.

The three plug-in hybrids in the test fleet will be given for a year to homes in Aichi Prefecture and the test process will gather information on user satisfaction, system ease-of-use, misalignment rates and charging behavior.


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