Toyota stays no. 1 in global vehicle sales image

Toyota Motor Corp announced that its first-half group wide global sales rose 3.8%, meaning 5, 097 million vehicles sold, setting a record for first-half sales and placing itself on top in the global auto industry, Volkswagen AG coming in second.

Sales grew on the Japanese market, but also in all of Asia, U.S. and Europe. According to Toyota, the sales in Japan were strong due to a rise in the consumption tax that was to begin from April 1st. Its vehicle sales also grew 12% in China, 5% in North America and 8% in Europe.

Toyota refused to comment on being at the top of the car industry global sales, stating that they solely want to satisfy their customers, one car at a time, and not competing to be number 1. All the auto officials usually make these comments in public, but the competition remains intense. Germany’s Volkswagen sold 4.97 million vehicles in the first 6 months of this year, which bumped General Motors out of the second place with 4.92 cars sold. VW’s sales are growing faster than those of GM’s, which is dealing with a major recall over faulty ignition switches.

Toyota finished at the top last year with a record of 9.98 million vehicles sold, while GM came in second, followed by VW. Toyota expects to sell more than 10 million vehicles this year, which would be a milestone in the car industry.

By Gabriela Florea