Toyota is most likely to end as the number one carmaker this year, followed by Volkswagen, missing the target again and General Motors considered to land the third spot.

The Japanese and the German carmaker published the group level prduction and sales information for November, while GM released quarterly data, not including the month before December.

On a year-to-date scale, Toyota Group has sold around 200,000 more units than Volkswagen, and with only the December results on hold, Toyota is predicted to reach the end of 2015 with 10.1 million units sold worldwide. However, all three carmakers reported a fall in sales this year compared to the results from 2014, and a decrease in new regstrations is yet to be encountered in 2016, too.

From January to November 2015, Toyota managed to sell 9,285,088 units, followed by Volkswagen with 9,095,900 car models and General Motors with an estimated of 8,842,778 vehicles sold worldwide.

The results included less than two weeks of car sales from Volkswagen after the cheating diesel emissions scandal began. In fact, Volkswagen performed better in sales than Toyota for the first six months of this year but at the moment is facing the backlash from deceiving regulators on pollution levels on its cars. The German automaker is looking into repairing 11 million cars worldwide and has stopped selling its diesel models in numerous markets. The carmaker has also faced a decrease in sales in China, which is its larget car market, with new registrations going down 7.4% in the first nine months of 2015.

Despite going through numerous recalls this year, Toyota managed to get on top and is now looking to deliver its updated Prius hatchback model.


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