Toyota still confident in the old gasoline engine image

The Japanese automaker is a leading force in the hybrid gasoline electric game and it’s still showing it, as it developed a new gasoline guzzler that was fine-tuned with hybrid technology knowledge and is now set to roll out on 14 models.

The gas-electric hybrids, which by now must have no further secrets for the Japanese engineers, served as a pointer in developing the fuel-efficient engine, which uses an old-style Atkinson cycle, very common among hybrid models like the Prius or Ford’s Fusion. The Atkinson cycle engine is said by Toyota to deliver a 10% fuel economy improvement over the current generation engines, because it reduces heat through thermal efficiency, has a better combustion and reduced friction.

“They show the future direction of Toyota engine development,” said Toyota spokesman Brian Lyons.

While the Toyota engine is not very common outside hybrids, the Japanese rivals from Mazda and Honda are developing similar motors – just as Toyota is set to implement it in 2014 and 2015 on 14 models.

The company also revealed the type of engine, if successful, will also be used on future hybrid models and will be declined in future types, besides the so far announced 1 and 1.3 liter variations.