Interbrand on Oct. 4 has released the 12th annual best global brands report. According to the study, Toyota retains its position as the #1 automotive brand in Interbrand’s 2011 report.

Interbrand calculates its rankings on analysis of three key aspects that contribute to overall brand value: the financial performance of branded products and services; the role of the brand in purchase decisions; and the strength of the brand in securing earnings for a company.

Toyota’s success has been recorded in difficult global economic conditions. Interbrand noted that those businesses which, like Toyota, had improved their performance in the report, showed their ability in “adapting to a new reality” in an uncertain business climate.

Overall, Toyota is still viewed as the leader in green, and it looks as though the carmaker is restabilizing.

Mercedes-Benz firmly staked out its territory atop the premium automobile category with its new tagline, “The Best or Nothing,” successfully tying its long heritage of excellence in engineering, performance, styling, and safety to its 125th birthday. Mercedes outranks all other automotive brands in terms of customer loyalty and satisfaction.

On the third position we have the Bavarians from BMW. According to the report, even if its 2012 BMW 1 Series is receiving a good amount of negative responses to its overall design, BMW is doing well. Like other carmakers, BMW has responded to the green shift in the market with concept cars designed for sustainable urban mobility, and its EfficientDynamics program marries performance with efficiency.

Additionally, its BMW Guggenheim Lab, which addresses issues of urban life through programs and public discourse, has received a positive consumer response.

Honda, the Japanese automaker is nr4. The automaker took a severe hit with the March tsunami and earthquake in Japan, leaving showrooms empty, hampering sales for several months, and testing customer loyalty. More than 30 Honda associates were injured in the Tochigi area from collapsing ceilings and other damage during the earthquake.
Even after 6 months, the automaker didn’t recovered. In September, American Honda Motor Co. said its sales fell 8% to 89,532 vehicles.

Other automakers in the 2011 report:

n47 – Volkwagen
n50 – Ford
n59 – Audi
n61 – Hyundai
n72 – Porsche
n90 – Nissan ( new )
n99 – Ferrari

Due to the volatile markets and uncertain business climate that characterized 2011, brands are in the midst of adapting to a new reality.

“Uncertainty is the new status quo, so today’s brands need to be quick and nimble,” remarked Jez Frampton, Interbrand’s Global Chief Executive Officer. “Consistency, relevance and commitment are imperative if a brand is to keep pace in our rapidly changing world.”


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