Toyota struggles to find Prius fix image

Toyota Motor Corp. said Tuesday it is still working on a fix for more than 700,000 recalled Prius vehicles, including one that raced at more than 90 mph along a California freeway Monday.

World’s largest automaker said that all recalled vehicles will get new, smaller pedals and floor mats. On some, the floor will be reshaped to increase the clearance between it and the pedal. And brake override systems will be installed that will prohibit acceleration if the brake is being applied.

Problem is that four months past already, and Toyota still didn’t started to repair these cars.
Toyota last month recalled 133,000 2010 Prius vehicles and 15,090 Lexus 2010 HS 250h vehicles in the U.S. to update software to address complaints about anti-lock brakes. NHTSA has gotten more than 1,100 complaints on braking issues with the third-generation Prius.
Several analysts said Toyota could face up to $3 billion in legal costs from more than 80 class action lawsuits nationwide stemming from the worldwide recalls of 8.5 million vehicles.
A panel of federal judges will hold a hearing on March 25 to decide if all of the cases should be held in one venue.

Source: The Detroit News: