The Japanese based automaker Toyota has recently confirmed for production a successor of the iconic Supra, which is expected to be all electric.

Rumors on reviving the Toyota Supra have been around for years now but until now we didn’t have anything official on the iconic model, and we’re saying “until now” because recently the GT 86 chief engineer, Tetsuya Tada, has confirmed a production version of the new generation. The company has approved two new sports cars which will be positioned above and below the GT 86 and the more powerful one will be a successor of the Toyota Supra.

“The GT 86 needed five years to develop, so at least five years is required for the others”, said Tetsuya Tada in an interview with Asia One.

The successor of the Toyota Supra is expected to be jointly developed with Tesla considering the fact that the two companies already have an existing relationship which created the RAV4 EV. If the new Supra model will be produced in collaboration with Tesla, than the model will be all-electric. Additional details on the successor of the iconic Toyota Supra are limited for the moment and will probably be announced over the following years.

Source: Asia one and The Detroit Bureau


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