Toyota teases the GR Super Sport concept for Tokyo image

The Japanese automaker is pushing fast its newly unveiled GR sports car model family, already having under its belt two concepts part of the roster for the two local events – the Tokyo Motor Show and the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon.

In September the Japanese carmaker announced the introduction of the GR roster, which is divided into three parts – the base GR Sport, the midrange GR and the flagship GRMN models. Afterwards the first example coming from the new range was the GR HV, a roadster concept presented in front of the worldwide audience of the Tokyo Motor Show as an 86 reworked according to the company’s LMP1 race model principles. Now the company is preparing yet another concept, entitled the GR Super Sport, which is being prepared by Gazoo Racing to look as something derived from the World Endurance Championship roster.

The brand has only presented us with a lonely teaser so far, and it shows design influences from the TS050 Hybrid, which is also part of the automaker’s roster for the Tokyo Auto Salon 2018. For now there are hardly any details, Toyota only saying the concept’s WEC inspiration goes to show “how technological feedback acquired through motorsports activities is incorporated.” The Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 is scheduled to debut on January 12 with the press day.