There’s something about Toyotas and half-vintage, half-SUV models – such as the recently retired FJ Cruiser – that makes you want them, although you know this isn’t a logical decision – or perhaps exactly because of that.

The Japanese automaker apparently decided to come up with a new solution to all handcraft-related issues, where house-related projects were always deterred by the fact that you sometimes needed a van, and other times an SUV. Americans solved that with the pickup truck, but you’re not always going to have the huge available space of the North American continent at your disposal. So Toyota thought about blending them – with the creation of the boxy Tj Cruiser. The concept ready to be showcased in front of the worldwide audience of the Tokyo Motor Show gets its name from the words “Toolbox” and “Joy,” and it’s all about helping you through your endeavors.

Toyota TJ Cruiser comes to Tokyo, looks ready to make you want it 1

For example, a special dirt and scratch-resistant coating is used on the hood, roof, and fenders to make them resistant “even when objects accidentally come into contact with them.” The TJ Cruiser comes based on the company’s TNGA platform and under the protected hood lies a hybridized 2.0-liter gasoline engine – the prototype can be fitted with either front or all-wheel-drive, with its SUV credentials supported by the suspension setup and 20-inch alloy wheels with chunky Bridgestone tires. Loading is a breeze thanks to the huge sliding doors, and inside items up to three meters (118 inches) long can be transported with the front and rear passenger seats down.


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