Toyota to boost output of Prius Hybrid Wagon image

Toyota Motor Corp plans to increase monthly production of its Prius hybrid wagon to 70% above its initial target by around August or September, the Nikkei business daily reported.

The new wagon-like Prius, called the Prius V — that’s the letter V for “versatility,” Toyota says, not the Roman numeral five — has a more spacious interior than the familiar Prius hatchback. The Prius V offers 50% more interior space, according to Toyota.

According to the same source, the Japanese automaker will increase output to 5,000 vehicles per month from 3,000.

The company also notes that the Prius V has a variety of new safety features, including some pitch control functions and seven airbags located throughout the cabin. It remains to be seen if families jump to purchase the new hybrid option (US), but in any case, it’s nice to see Toyota is back on schedule following the horrible events that hit Japan earlier this year.

The Prius v will join the Prius family starting at a $28,500 price point, at least in Japan, according to the Japanese business daily Nikkei.