The Japanese based automaker Toyota is planning to develop a new model, which will come as a hatchback with rear-wheel drive.

After the huge success of the Toyota GT 86, the car manufacturer is now looking into developing a similar model, which will be considered the little brother of the sports car. Rumors are saying that the company is planning to develop a brand new model which should hit the market over the following years. This new vehicle will come as a hatchback and it will have rear-wheel drive. If it makes its way onto the market indeed, it has a good chance of revolutionizing the B- or C-segment for hatchbacks (depending on its size).

The future rear-wheel drive Toyota hatchback will come with five doors and it should be a reimagined version of the Rush crossover, and it will eventually be the smaller brother of the GT 86. A four-wheel independent suspension will be used on the new model and it will get lowered ride height. Power shou come from a 1.5 liter four-cylinder engine, which should generate approximately 150 BHP (112 kW). Rumors are saying that the starting price of the RWD Toyota hatchback will be set at 20,000 USD. The model should hit the market in 2016.

Source: Motor Trend


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