Toyota to introduce system that uses radio to avoid collisions image

The Japanese company, the world’s largest automaker, plans to unveil systems that in around two years would allow cars to communicate with each other, allowing them to avoid accidents.

According to a statement by the company, the system will employ radio waves, used to harness data on the speed of other vehicles to keep a safe distance. The automaker also showed a different system, that uses cameras, radar and control software, allowing a car to keep track of the lane and maintain the position alone.

Toyota’s research for developing automated driving systems is geared towards cutting down traffic fatalities, Moritaka Yoshida, managing officer and chief safety technology officer, said. With the real-time speed information shared via wireless communication, cars can also take out the unnecessary accelerations and decelerations, which would also benefit traffic congestion and increase fuel efficiency, he added.

“Currently, no product is launched in the market with these technologies and almost every global automaker is now researching and developing,” said Takashi Morimoto, a consultant at Frost & Sullivan in Tokyo. “These would be the first steps toward autonomous driving technology.”

The system Toyota has developed incorporates technologies that were researched for its automated driving program and the Japanese company states its goal is to allow the creation of a virtual “co-pilot” in cars, that would aid drivers in avoiding accidents.

Via Bloomberg