Toyota to team up with BMW for Supra successor image

A successor of the iconic Toyota Supra will be developed by the Japanese based automaker with the help of BMW.

Rumors on a true successor of the iconic Toyota Supra have been around for quite a few years and it seems that the company is finally ready to start developing the sports car. According to the Toyota Europe vice president and product planning chief, Karl Schlicht, the model in question will be positioned above the current GT 86 and that’s not all because it will be co-developed with BMW. The vehicle will benefit from a 2.0 liter four-cylinder, made by BMW, along with electric motors which will give birth to a plug-in hybrid powertrain. All-wheel drive is also in the books but we are not sure at this time whether this will be the xDrive made by BMW.

The new Toyota sports car will be positioned above the current GT 86 and it will benefit from carbon fiber too. This may turn out to become a rival for the i8 but, considering the fact that the two companies will join forces for its development, chances are it will be less hot than the current “green” sports car signed by BMW. If all will go according to plan, the new sports car made by Toyota will come out sometimes in 2017 and it should become pricier than the Corvette. More details on the model in question are limited at this time and will be announced close to its debut.

Source: Autocar
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