Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Co. will unveil the Prius+ at the IAA – Frankfurt Motor Show next month. Designed from the ground up – or at least that’s what automaker said, Prius+ provides significant extra space, while retaining all the traditional attributes of Prius such as the lowest fuel consumption of any seven-seater on the market.

The full hybrid MPV features a fixed integrated panoramic sunroof, the familiar Prius triangular silhouette, sharp-edged headlamps, flat, vertical ‘aero’ corners that reduce air turbulence, and an enlarged lower grille to improve aerodynamics and engine cooling.

The car is 155mm longer, 30mm wider and 85mm higher than the third-generation Prius, from which it is derived. The wheelbase has been extended by 80mm.

The seven seats version comes with a more compact yet as powerful Lihium-Ion battery that will be place in the central console between the driver and its passenger.

As in the standard Prius, the Prius+ features three ‘on-demand’ drive modes to increase the capabilities of the full hybrid powertrain, including the EV mode for zero emissions, zero fuel consumption, all-electric driving.

7 Seat Prius+ will be on sale in 2012.






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