Toyota tops November car sales image

It is the fifth consecutive month this year when Toyota Motor Corp surpasses Volkswagen AG in group car sales and 2016 seems to be looking just as great for the Japanese carmaker.

It is just another confirmation that Toyota Motor Corp will remain the best selling automaker in the world for this year after Volkswagen’s sales were affected by the company’s diessel emissions scandal, which started in September.

Toyota announced that group car sales reached 9.21 million units for the eleven months of this year, more than the 9.1 million cars sold by Volkswagen over the same period of time. Since July 2014, Toyota has managed to outsell Volkswagen every month up to this moment.

Volkswagen said that brand sales went down 2.2% on a year-on-year comparison in November, solely extending a fall in sales that begun in October, which was the first full month after Europe’s largest carmaker admitted to having cheated through diesel emissions test in a big number of its cars worldwide.

However, Toyota did register a decrease in its sales compared to 2014 of 1%, whereas Volkswagen group sales decreased 1.7%.

A month ago, Toyota was announcing that its group vehicle sales reached 8.5 million units for the January-October interval, more than the 8.26 million new registrations that were scored by the German carmaker Volkswagen. In November, Volkswagen stated that brand sales fell 5.3% compared to the same period in 2014.

The Japanese carmaker witnessed a decrease of 1.2% in the year through October from the previous year, whereas Volkswagen group sales stayed with a fall of 1.7% in total car sales.