Toyota tops survey of “simple” auto brands image

According to a report from branding firm Siegel+Gale, automobiles – which are hardly simple – when done the right way can be seen at least as simple to use, with those made by Toyota taking the top spots in the US.

Branding firm Siegel+Gale released a survey that expressed the views of 10,000 consumers in seven countries throughout the world. The research has ranked the auto brands based on their perception of simplicity – and Toyota is the top automaker not just in terms of worldwide sales.

The theory is that the simpler the automaker’s brand, the more comfortable buyers will feel with it and thus the more valuable it becomes. The only thing is that automakers only make an appearance at the bottom, coming in 17th out of 25th as an industry.

Among car brands, Toyota was the best placed at No. 27 on the list for the US, well ahead of Honda at No. 47. On a global basis, Toyota came in 32nd, ahead of BMW, 48th, Mercedes-Benz, 49th and Audi, 79th. And, just so in case you were wondering who is actually the overall Number 1, you’ re hardly in for a surprise, as the online retailer Amazon is the No. 1 most simple brand globally.