Toyota U.S. chief notices flat sales in 2012 image

Toyota Motor Corporation’s U.S. CEO Jim Lentz sees the sales of this brand pretty slow and so he observes that the U.S. retail sales will remain the same till the end of this year.

Jim Lentz said in his statement at the Center for Automotive Research in 2012 Management Briefing Seminars – Since the first quarter, we’ve seen the industry stall. Consumers are still a little gun shy about going into debt. While talking about the sales report, Lentz indicated that he is paying more interest on retail sales rather than increasing the volumes that are destined as fleet sales.

The major concern is the decreasing number of consumers who are halting the plans in buying new vehicles due to economy downfall. However, this condition could remain same until presidential election which will held in November. However, the manufacturer has witnessed steep rise of sales of its own brands. Approximately 24 percent of Toyota Division sales increase is witnessed in July 2012.

When it comes to U.S. market, the manufacturer has experienced slow car sales right since the devastating March 2011 East Japan earthquake. This is the key cause that sparked depressing results for the company.