Toyota Ultimate Utility Vehicle announced for SEMA image

Toyota has unveiled a new one-off model, called the Ultimate Utility Vehicle.

The Japanese based automaker Toyota is getting ready for the 2015th edition of the SEMA Motor Show, which will be officially opening its gates later on this year, with its newest creation, the Ultimate Utility Vehicle. This is a one-off model with a weird design which is looking more like an MPV on steroids than an impressive SUV capable of tackling just about every surface.

“For the North American Expedition, Toyota is also introducing the Toyota Ultimate Utility Vehicle (UUV) – a custom-made Sienna body retrofitted on top of a Tacoma truck built for display at this year’s Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) conference”, said the carmaker in its press release.

The Toyota Ultimate Utility Vehicle will be taking part in the Ever-Better Expedition which will be sending the company’s engineers across the country, allowing them to leave their desks and experience the world where their products are being sold. Besides this one-off vehicle, a Land Cruiser 200 will travel the entire length of the North American Expedition as well. This will be the only vehicle to travel to all continents too. Toyota didn’t release any extra details on the new Ultimate Utility Vehicle at this time and chances are we will find out more about it at the upcoming SEMA event.