Toyota Unveiled New Charging Tool for Phvs and Evs image

Toyota Motor Corp. in collaboration with Toyota Media Service Corp. has launched a new tool to support easy home-based charging of the “Prius PHV” plug-in hybrid vehicle, due for launch next year, and electric vehicles (EVs).

Sales of the tool will start in January 2012.

The Japanese automaker said that home users can connect (wired or wireless) to the H2V Manager from a home PC, television or smartphone to effortlessly set or adjust their PHV or EV charging start time, as well as check household electric power consumption.

The same operations can be performed remotely with a smartphone, through the Toyota Smart Center.
The system can calculate the total power demand, and can automatically interrupt charging when household power demand spikes, and then resumes charging when there is spare power capacity.

Toyota plans to sell a lineup of PHV and EV chargers consisting of a standard charger, a wall-mounted charger and a pole-mounted charger.

It is expected to cost 157,500 yen (including installation and tax). – or $2024 at current exchange rates.