Toyota unveiled Pixis Epoch Minivehicle in Japan image

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) today launched in Japan the “Pixis Epoch”, the second passenger minivehicle to be sold under the Toyota brand.

The Pixis Epoch boasts top-level fuel efficiency for a gasoline-fueled vehicle*1 with a fuel economy of 30.0 km/L*2 and outstanding everyday utility.

Key to its fuel efficiency is a 11.3:1 compression ration engine and a ‘pre-idle engine stop-start feature. Unlike conventional engine idle stop-start function, the pre-idle feature shuts down the engine when coasting to a stop, once the vehicle speed goes below 7 km/h.

Only a single engine is available, a KF series 660 cc engine mated to a CVT transmission.

The Pixis Epoch represents the fourth vehicle supplied by Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. to TMC under a minivehicle OEM agreement reached in September 2010.

The Pixis Epoch comes in seven grades, with a starting price of 795,000 Yen to 1,220,000 Yen. The low price is after tax-incentive for eco-friendly vehicles.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices

Grade Engine Transmission Driveline Price*1
(660 cc)
CVT*2 Front-wheel drive 795,000 yen
L 895,000 yen
X 995,000 yen
G 1,120,000 yen
Lf Four-wheel drive 995,000 yen
Xf 1,095,000 yen
Gf 1,220,000 yen
*1Includes consumption tax, does not include recycling fees and differs in Hokkaido; *2Continuously Variable Transmission