Toyota unveils ME.WE Concept image

The Japanese based automaker Toyota has recently pulled the wraps off its latest creation, the ME.WE Concept.

According to the car manufacturer, the Toyota ME.WE Concept has been co-developed with Jean-Marie Massaud, a French architect, designer and inventor, and the model is 3,440 mm long, 1,750 mm wide and 1,600 mm tall, weighing just 750 kg (1,653 lbs).

“ME.WE seeks to resolve a number of real-life contradictions, not through reinvention of what a car is, but by taking a different approach that is simpler, more appropriate and realistic – an alternative to cars that are about “passion and status”. The goal was do more and create better while using less. By reducing the pool of resources and constraints, it was possible to increase capability, quality and pleasure”, as the automaker is saying in its official press release.

The Toyota ME.WE Concept is coming with a tubular aluminum chassis and with polypropylene panels, which actually stands for plastic. The model has four electric in-wheel motors, the same ones used on the i-ROAD concept, with the battery pack being fitted under the floor. The Toyota ME.WE Concept can work in either two- or four-wheel drive modes. Another interesting part in making the model is that the floor has been constructed out of bamboo, and the rear bench can be removed and used as a picnic seating. Toyota didn’t announce its plans of putting the ME.WE Concept into production but some of its features will definitely be seen on future models.