The Japanese based automaker Toyota is planning to develop an electric coupe vehicle which will be a direct rival to the Tesla Roadster.

After the Toyota GT 86 was a success, along with the Scion FR-S and the Subaru BRZ, the Japanese based automaker is planning to score higher with a new model which will rival the Tesla Roadster. The future competitor to the electric vehicle will be developed on the same platform of the Toyota GT 86 which might help save a couple of dollars, reflecting in its final price. The only catch is for Toyota to “apply” an electric powertrain to what the company already has and, judging the fact that it will be wearing the Japanese logo on its body, the model is expected to become popular.

What is new in the upcoming EV coupe made by Toyota is the fact that, for a first time, the car manufacturer will offer a manual transmission for the electric motor, in order to increase driving dynamics. This was confirmed by the automaker’s official, Hiroyuki Ogawa, who has also announced that the manual gearbox will be offered on some hybrid models as well, but it will hit the market in three years. According to Ogawa, the electric technology which will be applied onto the Coupe will first be used on an urban electric vehicle, which might be the Toyota iQ.



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