Toyota Wants to Improve Dakar’s Hilux image

Toyota Motorsport’s Glyn Hall recently declared that the company plans to do some changes on the South African-built Hilux, improving the performance on the dunes, reducing the weight of the car with 75 kg, improve the components’ strength within the drive train and also to develop a direct injection system for the engine.

Hall, a former rally champion, was the team boss for Team Imperial Toyota at this year’s Dakar rally, held in January in South America. Unfortunately there is no certainty that the South African team has the financial support for the 2013 round. If there will be no Dakar 2013 for the Imperial Toyota team, Hall can sell similar vehicles developed through Hallspeed, his own company, onto the international market.

“We have received a lot of interest from people who want us to build vehicles for them after they saw what we did in this year’s Dakar. It has placed South Africa back on the map as far as motorsport is concerned,” says Hall.

Hall says that the teams who want to buy this car hoping that it will certainly bring them a victory, should take into consideration that is not just the car that wins a race, but also the driver’s concentration for a long period of time, up to 6 hours, which is extremely difficult.