Toyota managed to widen the lead over GM, after it quickly recovered from last year’s natural disasters.

On Friday, October 26th, Toyota announced it has sold 7.4 million vehicles globally from Jan to Sept, with 450,000 vehicles more than GM. Toyota’s sales saw an increase of 28%, while GM’s rose 2.5%, reaching 6.95 million vehicles over the same period.

Last year, Toyota factories were hit by the tsunami and earthquake in Japan, leaving the automaker short of vehicles in many markets. The automaker not only managed to quickly recover, but also surpass GM as the world’s leading automaker in sales. This year Toyota faces a big challenge in keeping its lead, as its sales were severely affected by the anti-Japan riots in China last month.

Last month Toyota’s auto sales in China fell to 44,100 vehicles, compared with 86,000 vehicles in the same period last year. The anti-Japan protests in China made the overseas automakers see their sales boost in the country. The natural disasters and the massive US safety recalls, made Toyota drop to the third place last year after GM and VW. This year, the US market has helped Toyota make up for the loss in China and Europe.


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