Toyota will launch two hybrid cars in China image

The world’s biggest automaker in terms of car sales, Toyota Motor Corp is planning to launch this year two hybrid cars in China in an effort to produce more vehicles to reduce pollution in the country.

The Japanese company stated on Sunday before the Shanghai Auto Show that the new gasoline-electric hybrid car duo – named Levin Hev and Corolla – will make its debut in the second half of 2015. The Levin Hev will be produced by Toyota’s joint venture with Guangzhou Automobile Group, and the Corolla will be put into production by its partnership with the FAW Group.GAC is a Chinese car manufacturer that produces passenger cars and commercial vehicles, which made 728,000 vehicles in 2012, taking the tenth spot in terms of largest outputs in the auto market in China that year. The Faw Group is an automobile maker that became China’s first car manufacturer when it launched the first domestically produced passenger car in the country. FAW is one of China’s biggest four carmakers, alongside Chang’an Motors, SAIC Motor and Dongfeng Motor.

Toyota is also planning to introduce the Toyota Mirai model in the U.S. this year. The new car is a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle and one of the very first hydrogen FCVs to make it onto the auto market. First sold in Japan in 2014, the four-door sedan will be available for sale in the U.S. around the middle of this summer. China Association of Automobile Manufacturers announced in January that sales in China rose 6.9% up to 23,5 million cars in 2014, which only kept China on top as the world’s largest car market since 2009.

By Gabriela Florea