Toyota Yaris Hybrid going on sale in June 2012 image

The Japanese based automaker Toyota has recently announced that the Yaris Hybrid model will go on sale in Europe in June 2012.

After announcing that the Toyota Yaris Hybrid will be officially presented to the public at the Geneva Motor Show in March, and even releasing a few details on the model as a preview, the car manufacturer has recently placed the “green” vehicle into the spot lights one more time by announcing that it will go on sale in Europe in June 2012. Toyota says that the Yaris Hybrid’s powerplant will be 10 percent smaller and 16 kg lighter than the current 1.8 liter unit found on the Auris and on the Prius.

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid is expected to be powered by a 1.5 liter gasoline engine and an electric motor, which will develop a total output of 100 horsepower. The Yaris Hybrid will emit just 79 g/km of CO2 and it will burn an average of 3.3 liters every 100 km, approximately 80 mpg, becoming even more efficient than the Auris and the Prius which are currently doing 74 mpg and 72 mpg. The Toyota Yaris Hybrid will get the same boot space as the regular version thanks to the batteries being placed under the rear seat. More details on the Yaris Hybrid at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show in March.