Toyota announced it expects to sell 400, 000 Camry mid-size sedans, and win the mid-size market sales race.

Through September, Toyota sold 314,788 Camrys, more than sales for the entire 2011. The only vehicle outselling the Camry is the Ford F-Series pickup, with a 150,000-unit lead at the beginning of October. The Ford F-Series pickup is expected to win the crown of the top-selling motorized vehicle sold in the States.

Automotive News reports that with only two months left from 2012, Toyota Camry will win this year’s prize, surpassing the Honda Accord, which sold 247,847 through October and Nissan Altima with 234,040 units sold. Besides this, Toyota also said that the Camry will reach a 400,000-plus-unit year, the first since 2008.

The last two years have been quite hard for Toyota, which saw its 2012 Camry redesign supplies hit by the natural disaster in Japan. But the tsunami and floods also hit the Honda Accord, Camry’s main rival. The Nissan Altima managed to keep the second place for most of 2012. With the Accord back, and the Altima increasing sales thanks to a redesigned model, it only means that the battle between Nissan and Honda will intensify over the next year.


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