Toyota’s new Aygo targeting young buyers image

The Aygo minicar, a sibling to PSA’s Citroen C1/Peugeot 108 duo, has been treated to a new generation. If way back in 2005 the model targeted a broad audience, today it’s more specialized, aiming to cater for younger audiences.

The landscape for such minicars dramatically changed since the three companies introduced their jointly developed models. So Toyota has adapted to the trends and now targets young, active customers with their new marketing campaign for the model, under the motto “Go Fun Yourself.”

“We wanted to make the new Aygo different and expressive,” Aygo Chief Engineer David Terai said. “If a buyer knows their car is unique, it makes it even more special to them,” he added.

Besides rivaling with its French “relatives” (all three models are produced in the same location – Kolin, Czech Republic), the Aygo has to fight established players in the segment, such as Fiat’s Panda and Kia’s Picanto or the power of the German brand Volkswagen (the Up! minicar). The new Aygo comes with a more unique design, set in motion by the unconventional X-shaped front end, adding customization options worthy of the target audience – it now hopes to attract younger buyers and also more men – the outgoing generation has a 60% women customer base.

Via Automotive News Europe