Toyota’s Prius for the first time delivering towing capabilities image

The Toyota Prius, a 19-year old model, is for the first time ever capable of attaching a trailer to its back – a feat that may be common to regular cars but not to hybrids as well.

The world’s best selling hybrid has reached its fourth generation and the model is going to become more interesting for adventurous people that like to go camping. The 2016 model year Toyota Prius has been granted a maximum towing capacity of 1,598 pounds (725 kilograms) – good for a light caravan or a braked/unbraked trailer. The model’s official range of compatible accessories now also encompasses the necessary towing hitches and wiring systems – and linking up the accessories should be very easy since the hitch is fitted with clear green and red indicators showing when a secure connection is achieved. When not in use, the towing arm can be unclipped from the car and it will be stored in a special bag located in the trunk.

By the way, if anyone’s wondering if the quirky design of the car will have to suffer, we can tell them it will remain just as odd, since the necessary connecting hardware has been hidden under the rear bumper’s lower lip. The preceding generations were unable to tow a trailer or a light caravan, which is now possible thanks to the improved heat management of the hybrid system’s electric motor-generator and differential. The new Prius is also the safest hybrid generation ever, taking home a five-star rating at Euro NCAP’s crash tests, which are stricter than ever before.