Toyota’s Scion seeks double US sales in the next two years image

The youthful Scion brand has lost some traction in recent years but the Toyota subsidiary now wants to double US sales to more than 100, 000 units by 2017 as the company introduces three new models.

The news comes courtesy of the leader of the 12-year-old Toyota Motor Corp, Doug Murtha, who added the first two introductions will reach dealerships this September. But for the first six months of the year, Scion’s American deliveries slid 19 percent to almost 25,000 units. The executive now claims Scion, assisted by the two new arrivals, will end the negative streak and reach full year sales of almost 58,000 vehicles – around the same figure it reported last year. The sales increase above the 100,000 units mark and then forward towards the brand’s current record of 173,000 autos established back in 2006, added Murtha, would be triggered by the introduction of the first four-door models, the iA sedan and the iM hatchback, reaching US showrooms on September 1, while the third offering would go on sale by 2017. Murtha refrained from sharing any details about the third model when he talked to reporters in Detroit on Monday, but Automotive News reported earlier this year it would be a compact utility vehicle or SUV-like hatchback.

Today compact SUVs and crossovers are the fastest rising segment in the US as traditional sedans are dwindling because of relatively low gasoline prices. Scion wants to sell each year 35,000 to 45,000 units of the iA model, targeted against the Nissan Versa, GM’s Chevrolet Sonic, Ford’s Fiesta and the Hyundai Accent. The iM, the brand boss said, has a threshold of around 25,000 units.

Via Reuters