Toyota’s Takata airbag recalls underscore safety crisis image

2014 seems to definitely be the year of the recalls, as besides the huge public scandal and 14 million cars in the US alone recalled by GM, other automakers – with Toyota the most prominent face their own safety issues.

We all know that General Motors has been universally panned this year for the safety problem surrounding the 11 years late recall of 2.6 million small cars equipped with defective ignition switches. The US Company has even surpassed its previous record for recalls, while we’re only half way through the year.

But, another safety client has been also prominent this year – Toyota – which after the 2010 scandal involving the sudden acceleration issues and subsequent massive recalls, has come back this year with several recalls – including its second biggest after the 2010 one.

Now, the Japanese company faces another safety crisis, coming from the problems encountered with Takata Corp’s airbag problems – Toyota recalled around 2.3 million vehicles worldwide – but many of them have been called back for the second time! And the Japanese air bag maker has issued warnings that it’s actually not over, as more fixes could be in tow.

The Takata problems haven’t been singular to Toyota though, as last year alone the maker’s airbags have been called for servicing by Honda, Nissan or BMW, together with Toyota totaling around 3.6 million autos.

Via Reuters