Toyota’s TRD Land Speed Cruiser snatches fastest SUV record image

The Japanese automaker took last year’s SEMA by storm with this custom Land Cruiser, which forego the usual off-road prowess in favor of going really, really fast.

Now they put to the test how much faster than a regular Land Cruiser can this Land Speed Cruiser be – and it’s rather shocking. The vehicle has posted a record in the process – a GPS verified 230.02 mph, which Toyota claims is a new world record for the world’s fastest SUV, besting the previous holder by 19 mph. The conditions were perfect – former Toyota NASCAR driver Carl Edwards was at the helm and the attempt took place at the Mojave Air and Space Port in Mojave, California. The Land Speed Cruiser stretched its engine on 2.5 miles of runway – a twin-turbo 5.7-liter V8. This off the charts 3UR-FE unit has two gigantic Garrett turbochargers and with other modifications it “safely and reliably” makes more than 2,000 hp.

Toyota’s TRD Land Speed Cruiser snatches fastest SUV record (1)

As we can all see, the SUV now stands way closer to the ground for better aerodynamics, stability, and, survivability at high speeds. The initial run at the Mojave Air and Space Port saw the Land Speed Cruiser match the previous record at 211 mph, but once back and with the boost pressure taken up it returned for a 230.02 (370 kph) mph run – before running out of space to brake. Toyota claims the maximum speed is even higher – but they didn’t have enough road.