Toyota’s WRC-inspired Yaris is a supercharged GRMN image

With Toyota presenting the new i-TRIL concept came some relevant information about a much more interesting – since it’s going to actually be sold – model, the high-performance Yaris.

The model has been presented and is awaiting the official worldwide audience showcase during the upcoming Geneva Motor Show – but we still didn’t know a raft of details about the model. The model, coming on the basics of the refreshed supermini, now has an official name: “Yaris GRMN,” which stands for “Gazoo Racing Masters of the Nürburgring.” Not shy at all, are we, Toyota? In addition to the interesting name we also have juicy details about the 210 hp powerplant, which is by the way making this one of the hottest superminis around.

Under the hood lurks a four-cylinder supercharged 1.8-liter gasoline engine coming out with more than 210 hp. It’s interesting to note the WRC Yaris is actually using a turbocharged 1.6-liter unit. As Toyota makes sure we notice, the Yaris GRMN is so far the only model in its segment to be based on a supercharged engine. The car is also a tad more aggressive than the standard Yaris thanks to the aero body kit and there are also upgrades for the brakes, suspension and alloy wheels. Still no word on the transmission setup – though the safest bets are for a six-speed manual hooked to front wheel drive.