Tragedy:  4-year-old boy died because of Police negligence image

A tragic crash happened Saturday just before 1 Vincennes. A 4-year-old boy was killed and a man seriously hurt when a southwestern Indiana sheriff’s deputy trying to make a traffic stop ran into a Dodge Caravan.

It all started when Knox County Sheriff Deputy John Fuller attempted to pull over a Mazda for traffic violations.

The Mazda continued driving, running through the intersection of 17th and Busserson.

Deputy Fuller followed the Mazda through the intersection and that’s when the deputy’s car hit the rear of a Dodge Caravan that was driving through the intersection.

Jordan Walls of Bicknell, 4,was unrestrained in the rear of the van and died of head injuries later. A 34-year-old man in the van was taken to an nearest hospital with serious injuries.

Another child, the van’s driver and the sheriff’s deputy were taken to a Vincennes hospital for treatment.

The police have not said what happened to the Mazda.

The crash in still being investigated.

  • Rob

    I dont believe that it would be completely fair to lay the blame for this tragedy solely on the hands of the deputy. There were alot of players that had a stake in this tragic outcome – Agreed, the deputy should have stopped at the stop sign if he was not 110% sure the intersection was clear. However, I believe that the parent should have placed the child in a car seat or some other approved restraint system – and of course the driver of the Mazda has a lion's share of the blame too.