Trailers Market Falls in Western Europe This Year image

This year, the market for the new trailers in Western Europe are expected to slightly fall, although in some countries demand began the year up on 2011.

There are several reasons why the market is not growing, despite the fact that sales of new trailers at the levels met in the 1990s. One main reason is the fact that Western Europe is currently not in such a good shape, with t he debt crisis affecting both businesses and consumers. Greece’s situation seems incapable of solution, and Spain, Italy and Portugal are threatened by the same bleak future.

At the end of 2011 demand for road transport decreased 9% from the 2006 level, an unprecedented level, taking into consideration that normally in a recession road transportation demand has one year of zero or slightly negative decline but then goes back to a slow but steady growing of 1%-4%. With the demand for road transportation declining, fewer trailers are required in each country. Economic forecasts predict a return in growth in 2013-2014, which will lead to an increasing demand for transport, and implicitly in sales of new trailers.

Gary Beecroft of CLEAR stated that “By 2014 we will back at the long term trend level of new trailer demand. Subsequent years will provide above trend levels of trailer sales.”