Two trains have collided on Wednesday afternoon in Portugal, close to the capital Lisbon, leaving several people injured.

According to the Portuguese rail and rescue services, a collision between two trains took place on Wednesday afternoon, near the capital Lisbon. At the time, local authorities stated that 20 people were injured after the unfortunate event.

“Latest figures give 20 people who suffered slight injuries”, as Elisio Oliveira, the head of the Lisbon district civil protection organization, told AFP.

Elisio Oliveira also said that a train ran into another one, which was stationary, at a very slow speed in Caxias station, west of the capital, Lisbon, on the line to the seaside resort of Cascais. The collision between the two trains took place after 2:00 pm (13:00 GMT) according to the civil protection service. Apparently all injuries are minor and no lives have been lost in the accident.

“At this stage, our data indicates only minor injuries”, added Ana Portela, the local media spokesman for Portuguese Railways (CP).

The current numbers posted on most press agencies indicate around 31 people injured after the train which was traveling from Lisbon to Cascais collided with another one stopped in Caxias station. Unfortunately we don’t have any more details on the incident but we will keep you updated.


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