Tramontana by Vilner traveled to SEMA to make an impression image

While not the most recognizable names in the industry, both Tramontana and Vilner have a long experience in their respective fields of work – and a collaboration in time for SEMA isn’t exactly a surprise.

Tramontana is one of many boutique auto manufacturers of the world, but the Spanish company has been building its spectacular sports car for around a decade, with production starting back in 2007. And Bulgarian interior specialist Vilner is certainly a recognizable name on the European aftermarket scene. For the latest project the two companies decided to combine their efforts and try and take the SEMA show in Las Vegas for storm. The Tramontana by Vilner is a one-off creation fittingly prepared for the most important show of the genre. The exterior is dominated by the matte grey paint job, with visible gold accents on the front fenders, side panels, and even the engine bay.

Tramontana by Vilner traveled to SEMA to make an impression (12)

With Vilner’s implication, is obviously the main point of attraction – aside from the jet-car like exterior design – is the interior, or better say cockpit. It’s neatly arranged just like in a fighter jet, and the interior has gone through Vilner’s specialist hands, which only left a few buttons and controllers untouched. The gold accents on the seats feature a “lizard textured” leather and even the steering wheel, dash, side panels, and even the seatbelt are all finished in gold. In case you forgot, the Tramontana is powered by a 5.5-liter Mercedes-Benz biturbo V12 packing 888 horsepower (662 kilowatts) and 678 pound-feet (920 Newton-meters) of torque and the entire vehicle weighs a mere 2,975 pounds (1,268 kilograms).