Transformers: Age of Extinction features GM cars and…their designer image

While there’s arguably not much going on in terms of screenplay in Michael Bay’s Hsbro blockbuster franchise, the Transformers, the cars, the action and the gals were more than enough to call for a fourth installment.

We’re not going to talk to you about why Bay opted for a completely different set of characters (the humans, that is) or why there’s another “Earth Apocalypse” going on in the trailer (that seems to be pretty much the case with blockbusters today, do they know something we don’t?!).

We’re here to talk about our order of business – cars. Or in this particular case, GM cars mostly – as the No. 1 US automaker has been deeply supportive and implicated into the franchise – after all, we all loved the car appearance of the Bumblebee character, a vintage Camaro that goes on to evolve into the great new generation Camaro.

Because having a ton of GM cars seemed insufficient, in the upcoming action blockbuster “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” besides seeing an ever more evolved Bumblebee in the 2015 Camaro and a Corvette Stingray, a Sonic, Trax and – the officially dead GM Hummer brand; we are also going to see GM’s top designer, Ed Welburn – who has a speaking part in the move that heats cinema venues June 27.

GM’s vice president of global design had a day worth of filming, while the crew also used some of the company’s locations for additional scenes – GM’s Design Dome, where Welburn had its shot at stardom, as well as GM’s Tech Center, GM’s Proving Ground track in Milford and GM’s Lansing Delta Township plant.