Transformers: The Last Knight has found its all new Bumblebee image

The fantastical universe of the aliens that can hide on Earth in machine form has been rich enough to warrant a spectacular live action movie franchise. While its quality is always questionable, the scale is certainly befitting the huge good willed aliens.

The fifth installment in the Michael Bay live-action franchise has been titled Transformers: The Last Knight and most important of all novelties – we now know how Bumblebee’s Camaro form will look like. Since General Motors partnered with Bay’s franchise since the very beginning, the continuation is ideal for the promotion of the new generation Camaro. And the friendly robot is getting not only the sixth generation Camaro, but also a very unique styling. We should see all the action bonanza on screens (bigger, the better, hello IMAX) starting June 23, 2017. For now there’s not much we know about the story of the film (if there is one!) but we have been tipped that Sir Anthony Hopkins is joining the roster. And Mark Wahlberg is coming for a second chance after the blunt appearance in Age of Extinction. And yeah, Megatron is lurking around so we’re getting him back as the main baddie.

The aggressive-looking Bumblebee has a customized appearance and we’re hoping he’s going to be just as powerful as menacing in vehicle form. We have Autobot badges on the front fenders, large side skirts and different customizations for the front end, lip spoiler, hood, LED daytime running lights, and most likely rear bumper, There’s also a huge rear wing and wheels that seem to be snatched from HRE Performance Wheels RB2.