In case you live on a lunar rock with no communication with the outside universe, we’ll tell you that May 4 is Star Wars day – and the Internet has been riddled with fun or nostalgic ideas.

Transport Canada decided on the former, issuing recall #2017242, which affects the powertrain of specific… All-Terrain Armoured Transport (AT-AT) Imperial walkers. The world has been full of memes about Star Wars day all day on May 4, and even authorities seem to have decided to join the fun – which is not bad at all. Star Wars day isn’t actually a long running celebration – the first was organized in Toronto in 2011. The day happens this month because of the similarity with the Star Wars catchphrase “May the Force be with you” – if you don’t know this one you better get up to snuff with popcorn because you need to see Star Wars I through VII.

The automotive authorities of Canada released on May 4 recall #2017242, directed at some All-Terrain Armoured Transport (AT-AT) Imperial walkers – “the (AT-AT’s) central hydraulic system could fail in extreme cold temperatures, such as on planet Hoth or in Northern Canada. This could impair laser cannon tracking, and affect the walker’s ability to maintain balance and could ultimately result in a crash causing injury to imperial troops.” Again, you should be up to date with SW lore – it’s a fun reference to the Battle of Hoth, which took place on the fictional ice planet of Hoth at the beginning of Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

Via Transport Canada


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